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  Red Salmon

Kenai River
First Run:  Starts early June
Second Run:      Starts early July
Peak:                 10th of July

Kasilof River   
First Run: Mid June   
   Second Run: Mid July
Peak:    Depends on Commercial Netting

King Salmon

Kenai river timing
First run:        Starts late May
Second run:    Starts early July closes the 31st
Peak:           Second week of June to first week of July

Kasilof river
Starts second week of May
Peaks around June 10th
and 2nd run Peaks

Deep Creek Saltwater
Starts May 10 thru early June
Peaks around May 25th

Alaska Halibut Charters

Excellent  Halibut Fishing all summer  
  98-100% Limits for Halibut trips  
  Halibut caught up to 295 lbs

Razor Clams

Can be dug at any - 2.0 tide or larger during the summer season
Eastside beaches closed for 2018 season

*Razor Clamming (Guided boat trip across the inlet with all equipment).
4 persons minimum, does not include cleaning of Clams
$170 per person
*Must be a minus tide day

See Cook inlet tide tables on Home page
We recommend that you check the tides when planning your vacation especially for your Alaska halibut charter or Razor clam digging (Home Page top left side). The smaller tide changes are preferable for halibut because there is less water movement allowing you to fish longer into the tide. A large tide change (Any tides with a minus in it) is best for Salmon fishing or Razor clamming, so more of the beach is exposed for digging. The peak of the fish runs can vary a little, but are a good guide to a sucessfull Alaska fishing trip. If interested in more Salmon run timing see Alaska dept. of Fish & Game website.
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Homer halibut charters
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