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Frequently Asked Questions
How much are fishing licenses? Non-resident fishing licenses come in one to seven or more days in length and cost 10-30 dollars, adding a King Salmon stamp adds 10-30 dollars more. We have a link directly to the fish and game license page.

How cold does it get and what should I where?  Normally it ranges from 40 early morning to 70 degrees and up during the afternoon. Rain is possible, so its best to come prepared with rain gear and layered warm clothing.

How bad are the mosquitoes?  The Kenia peninsula is not heavily populated with bugs or mosquitoes. If your going to fish a freshwater stream we recommend you bring and wear repellant.

How do I get to Clam Gulch, Alaska?  If you are flying into Anchorage International airport youcan hop a jet to Kenai Via Era airlines ( or rent a vehicle and take a scenic 3 hour ride  thruogh the Chugach  and Kenai mountains. You will have ample opportunity to see Glaciers, lakes, and rivers along the way, as well Dall Sheep, Moose, Eagles, Bears, and Beluga whales all from along the highway. There's only one highway to the Kenai peninsula and the town of Soldotna (milepost 95) and we located  to the south at milepost 122 and Wildrose lane turn left (East) Maps on the Directions page.

Are your cabins furnished? Our cabins are fully furnished with utinsels, linens and bedding along with Refrigerater, microwave, coffee pot and more. Shopping is just 15 minutes away.

What my chance of catching a fish? and how big? Cook inlet Halibut can grow to over 300 pounds, but the best eating are in the 25-100 pound range. Since all Halibut over 100 pounds are breeding females we recommend releasing them if
unharmed. The limit is two Halibut a day. King Salmon run in the 15-85 pound range depending on which river it is headed for. Red Salmon 5-14 pounds, Silver Salmon 10-22 pounds and full of power.

What should I bring with me? Camera or Video recorder, layered clothing, If you plan to check your fish on the plane, purchase a 60 lb. fish box or buy one from us.  Waders and a medium weight rod (7'-9') and reel capable of holding 20-25 pound test line if you plan to fish the local rivers for Salmon.

Whats the best way to preserve my catch?  Your fish will be filleted and the only way to keep that fish flavor fresh is to have it commercialy vacuum packed and froze quickly. Vacuum packaging and freezing is available on site.

How do I ship my fish home?  The cheap and best way to do it is fly it home with you on the plane, frozen and in a insulated 60 lb. fish box with 3-4 pounds of dry ice on top (will keep frozen for up to 36 hours), so pack light its cheaper to ship your clothes than your fish.

Does it get dark at night?  During the summer fishing season we get over 20 hours of daylight, most of of you will give out long before the sun does. Be most carefull driving at dusk as I have counted over a dozen moose along the highway towards Ninilchik.

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